Harmonisation of Private International Divorce Law in Europe

development of a unified system of choice of law rules on divorce and matters of parental responsibility in the EU

S.A. Hartog-Malysheva

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Harmonisation of Private International Divorce Law in Europe

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ISBN: 9789402115734, 77 blz., February 2014, Engels
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The construction of European family law is a very complicated process which requires time, patience and effort. On one side, the EU Member States share a common vision of the future, they are united in diversity and they work together on building a sound construction of a common European system of family law. On the other side, the Member States have different historical backgrounds, cultural values and social views on such delicate subjects as family law. The Member States are keen to protect their national heritage and therefore their competence in the field of family law. Every Member State has a different idea on how the ideal system of family law regulation should look like and the EU legislator is facing a very difficult task in creating a system of family law which would suit all the Member States. The Europeanisation of International family law is bound to face numerous challenges, however some sort of compromise must be reached. The fear that the relocation might have a negative effect on their family status and rights must not form an obstacle for the citizens to move freely within the European Union.

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