Become a super food chef


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Become a super food chef

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ISBN: 9789079881376, geïllustreerd, December 2015, Engels UITVERKOCHT!

Uitgever: Vision Publishers


'Superfoods' is no longer just one of those buzzwords, but is something that has been taken on board by the general public. Our society today is moving faster and faster and people have less time to cook healthy, nutritious meals - and instead tend to grab unhealthy snacks and fast food on the go. All of this - plus a poorly balanced diet - means that over time we start to suer from deficiencies. A diet based on nature's superfoods, packed with essential nutrients, makes up for these deficiencies in the body without you having to spend hours slaving in the kitchen.
Using superfoods in smoothies and juices is already well known, but these powders, seeds and dried berries are also perfect for use in lunch dishes, for breakfast or in delicious snacks between meals. This book features 56 recipes that use superfoods in the main role. Each and every one of them is simple, tasty and fast to make. Ideal during a busy working week. All of the recipes have been developed by a dietary consultant, Mario De l'arbre, which means that these dishes are perfectly balanced and constitute a healthy treasure trove of vitamins and minerals for your body.
And this is not just a cookbook: it also contains a whole range of interesting little extras. Such as information about the origin of the dierent types of superfoods, tips for using them eectively and facts about how they work, plus space to make a note of your own recipes, etc. Did you know, for instance, that some superfoods can even be used for cosmetic purposes? In the final chapter, you'll also find a number of recipes for beauty remedies and treatments, such as a facemask made using raw cocoa and maca powder.

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