Dialogues on artificial intelligence and spirituality

Mieke Mosmuller

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ISBN: 9789075240603, 208 blz., February 2021, Engels
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Uitgever: Uitgeverij Occident


I mean, by singularity you mean that all the usual known laws lose
their meaning and that something sort of explodes, causing the whole
of existence - space and time and the people - to take on a di erent
form. at is what you call ‘singularity’ and you envisage it as a capacity
of arti cial intelligence, through which the computational capacity of
Man increases to such an extent, thanks to AI, that what you can then
do in a second, you cannot do now in a whole lifetime

“Of course, the chess player also thinks and wonders what the countermoves will be if she does this or that. Of course, she can’t foresee all
possible steps - neither can the computer, but it can sequentially make
and calculate them. But what is completely lost from sight is that it
is a game, and that it is the joy of the game! A game you have to be
able to play correctly, but also to play wrongly. It’s not about one sort
of perfection ghting with another perfection, because then it doesn’t
make any sense at all. It is all about enjoying the game.”

But there could come a time when
the cloud of information could
spread out over the whole cosmos
at a greater speed than light can,
and even radiate through the black
holes to outside cosmic areas - that
is to say, areas we cannot know yet.”

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