Amsterdam travel guide

Irma ClementMarcel Bergen

Amsterdam travel guide

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 15.50

ISBN: 978-94-90217-15-0, geïllustreerd, 270 blz., November 2011, Engels UITVERKOCHT!


This is the most complete travel guide about Amsterdam and guarantees a successful visit to the capital city. Amsterdam Travel Guide is unique in its kind, since it is the only travel guide written by native Amsterdammers.

Besides basic information for tourists the guide also composes ten routes along important monuments, buildings and historical buildings of the city centre and close neighborhoods of Amsterdam. Furthermore Amsterdam Travel Guide contains an unique and surprisingly complete Canal guide. Totally more than 1100 buildings are described and these buildings are easily findable with the clear index.

With the Amsterdam Travel Guide the visitor of Amsterdam is able to know more than the basics about Amsterdam during the visit. The routes guides the tourist along the many cozy little streets, alleys and the busy main streets that Amsterdam is richly composed of. The tourist will meet the most important parks and idyllic canals. Also these subjects, just like the monuments and buildings are easily findable and shortly described. Next to the walking and canal guide, Amsterdam Travel Guide contains also a remarkable Architecture guide, allowing the tourist to know a bit extra more about Amsterdam, than other guides would offer.

All these combinations, added with detailed photos and drawn maps makes Amsterdam Travel Guide the most complete tourist guide of Amsterdam.



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