Laveyan Satanism

Walter E. Tessensohn

Laveyan Satanism

e-Boek (ePub): € 7.95

ISBN: 978-94-91026-69-0, geïllustreerd, November 2013

trefwoorden: Satanism, Anton Szandor LaVey, LaVeyan Satanism



Satanism is a dying religion.
‘LaVeyan Satanism’ is a commentary on ‘The Satanic Bible’ (abbreviated TSB).
TSB was written by the deceased high priest of The Church of Satan, Anton Szandor LaVey.
The Church of Satan pretends to be an atheistic religion that denies the existence of God and Satan, however it soon becomes clear that LaVey contradicts himself.
He calls the powers of darkness in the name of Satan, and he greets them as a brother. How can he insist not to believe in Satan, when he says:
‘In the name of Satan, the Ruler of the earth, the King of the World, I command the forces of Darkness to bestow their infernal power upon me! Open the gates of hell, and come forth from the abyss to greet me as your brother (sister) and friend.’

Burton H. Wolfe - in his Introduction of ‘The Satanic Bible’ – calls Satanism ‘a blatantly selfish, brutal philosophy’.

In ‘LaVeyan Satanism’ the statements in TSB are rebutted by logic and the Bible.

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