Christian Zionism or Israel Theology?

Walter E. Tessensohn

Christian Zionism or Israel Theology?

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Christian Zionism or Israel Theology?

Why did God choose the Israelites to be his people, and
why did He give them a land?
Which Covenant made Israel God’s people?
What is the consequence if God’s people break the
Sinai Covenant?
Can an everlasting promise or covenant be withdrawn
or cease to exist? If so, why? If not, why not?
If the Israelites are not God’s people anymore, do they
have a Biblical right to live in the country where their
ancestors lived?
Does this land belong to Israel?
What does the New Covenant mean for Israel?
What was the mission of the Jewish Messiah?
Did the Jewish Messiah come to undo the fall in paradise,
overcome death, overcome Satan and establish
the Kingdom of God, or was his mission to graft the
Gentiles on Israel and to revive old times to make an
earthly kingdom of Jews?
Who is the real enemy of God’s people? Satan and his
angels or flesh and blood Palestinians, Iranians and

The author is a teacher and an elder in an Evangelical Church in the Netherlands. He wrote books about pastorate, spiritual warfare, the end-time, birth-sin, Israel, the
Church and Islam.

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