The Path of the Energetic Mystic Part 4

Blessings of the mesa

Paqo's van de Q'ero Community

The Path of the Energetic Mystic Part 4

paperback/ gebrocheerd: € 23.95: GRATIS verzending! (NL)

ISBN: 978-94-91728-16-7, geïllustreerd, 191 blz., March 2016, Engels
Gewicht: 270 gram.

vertaald door: Dennis Alego Mango

redacteur: Inge Teunissen

trefwoorden: Incasjamanisme, mesa (medicijnen bundel), sjamanisme

Beschrijving deel 4

De levenslessen van de Inca sjamanen van Peru. Vierde en laatste deel.
Guided by an ancient prophecy, some 25 years ago the Q’ero, the living descendants of the Incas, came down from the Andean mountains. There they had lived for almost 500 years, secluded from the world. All these centuries they have guarded the traditional Incan shamanistic ways of the paqo, the priest healer. Their preserved knowledge and pure wisdom now comes available from the source itself.

In 2011 paqos from Peru started their very own training in Center Serena in The Netherlands, which was extended into Sweden, Germany and Peru. Their apprentices learn the authentic way of becoming a paqo, called a Pampamesayoq.

Part 4 is the closing part of this series. The focus during the last sessions of the training in Center Serena is the mesa, the medicine bundle. Every of the thirteen stones that make up the mesa is extensively being explained and explored. The exercises give practical insight in how to use them for cleansing and healing.

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